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Analyse  Thou 2: The Bard Is Back

On Friday 22nd of April 2022, Yonder Cloud Theatre returned to the OFS with another series of riveting therapy sessions delving into the psyches of three more of the Bard’s most iconic characters.

This time around, audiences were invited to witness the wicked spectacle of Richard Plantagenet's assessment by a forensic psychologist, rebellious teenager Giulietta's session with her concerned therapist, and Julius Caesar's impromptu visit to a surprisingly well armed soothsayer.

On saturday 23rd of April, we ran a 90-minute workshop at the OFS exploring our working methodology: The Iambic Id – Reinventing Shakespeare from a Psychological Perspective.

Our  performance at the OFS launched the Oxfordshire Shakespeare Festival 2022, an eight-day celebration of the life and works of the Bard.

The Oxfordshire Shakespeare Festival offers a diverse and alternative series of plays, concerts, talks, films and workshops exploring the Bard’s legacy.

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